“Liberty consists less in doing one’s will than in not being subject to that of another” (Rousseau) 


 Flower Actions are natural handmade products made by Flora to help you to heal your sport injuries. Our products are mostly organic.


She also works with a kinesiologist, an osteopath, a cook and a personal coach (specialize for weight lifting). Together we offer personalized approach to everyone, but mostly athlete, for better health and peak performance.


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Flora Viale

When I was younger I wanted to be have the ability to treat and take care of everyone on the planet. Not to be invisible. Not to fly. Not to be superstrong. I wanted to look after people, wherever they were.


  • Diploma in Aromatherapy, Académie Herboliste 
  • Master's degree in Atmospheric Sciences, McGill
  • Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences, UQÀM 


  • Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling and MMA at Thailong, Canada 
  • Boxing and Muay Thai at Underdog, Canada 
  • Savate at McGill, Canada 
  • Kickboxing at Escorpion, Uruguay 
  • Judo at Judo club St-Barth


  • Aromatherapist, Flower Actions 
  •  Kickboxing and Muay Thai Coach
  • Conference : Plants and Inflammation, Académie Herboliste
  • Research Assistant Intern (Atmospheric Sciences), UQÀM 


  • 1 K-1 fight, Canada
  • 3 Muay Thai fight, Canada
  • Multiples Judo competitions, St-Barth

After finishing a master of research in Atmospheric Sciences at  McGill University, I felt I was not making a difference in the world. 

My love for Martial Arts and my wish to help people lead me to start a diploma at Académie Herboliste. I have already finished my certifications in Floral Therapy (Bach Flowers) and Aromatherapy but I am taking courses to get the full diploma. 

I am currently training at Thai long and Underdog Gym, where I can kick people before healing them ;)

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