« Originally aspirin was derived from salacin, a glycoside found in the bark of the willow tree (Salix alba) »

CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY - Essential Oils in Healthcare (2015)
<p>homemade Natural product&nbsp;</p>

homemade Natural product 

You already know what is the problem. You want a solution but no consultation. 

 You're just injured yourself, or you're simply sick and it sucks to be home. 

 Tell us what's the problem, we'll have a solution. 

*(Prices depend of the nature of the products and its ingredients)


Sometimes we just need to relax and sleep.

Whole body, only the face or only the feet, you choose!

Between 30 min, 1hour to 1h30. 

*(Prices depend on the duration)


You just want feel better and get a massage, with or without infused oils.

Abhyanga is known to help balance "doshas" (i.e. दोष three substance present in the body according to the ayurvedic medecine) and maintain good health and well-being. 

Between 45 min to 1h30.

*(Prices depend on the duration)

<p>Bach Flower consultation</p>

Bach Flower consultation

Bach Flower are water (and sometimes brandy too) solutions which contain extreme dilution of a flower or different flowers. The vibration of the flower can help people with negative feelings and emotions. At Flower Actions we believe Bach Flowers remedies can also help athlete to reach their peak performance if feeling more relax before a competition.

60 minutes consultation* + your own Bach Flower blend*

*Skype consultation is possible

*French, English, Spanish

**(Shipping price is not included - if needed)

<p>Muay Thai - private coaching</p>

Muay Thai - private coaching

You want to get better at Muay Thai? 

I give Muay Thai private coaching for beginner and intermediate levels in Saint-Barthélémy.

60 minutes training

/!\ I choose the right to refuse someone who is too heavy for me to hold pad.

<p>Aromatherapy consultation&nbsp;</p>

Aromatherapy consultation 

Whether you need a blend for your diffuser because you cannot sleep, a therapeuthic honey or sirup for a cough, a cream for an old injury, this is for you.

~15 minutes consultations* + your own EO remedy**

*Skype consultation is possible 

 *French, English, Spanish 

 **(Shipping price is not included - if needed)



You want to learn something or give a gift-consultation to your loved ones? You can!
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